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Siobhán Shields

Siobhán Shields is a Montessori parent, teacher and lecturer. With 27 years experience in Montessori education, she started the Aughrim Montessori School in September 2010. Her first love is to be in the classroom witnessing the joy of the children learning and supporting their development.  In addition to hands-on teaching, she has lectured and examined students in Montessori courses in London and Dublin.  Siobhán’s has also worked as a Mentor and Assessor for ME(UK). 

She is affiliated with the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) and was a board member  of IMEB (Irish Montessori Educational Board).  She holds a BA in Montessori education; a Montessori advanced diploma for teaching children 6-12 years; an early years AMI Montessori diploma from the Maria Montessori Institute, London.  She is certified tutor for children with dyslexia, and other learning differences. Siobhán lives in Aughrim with her two children, both of whom attended Montessori schools.

June McCabe

June McCabe has a BA in Applied Languages.  Having sent her youngest child to AMS, June changed course to obtain a qualification in early childhood education.  She joins the staff of AMS in September 2017 as a full-time classroom assistant.

Ellen Morris

Ellen Morris is also an AMS parent.  She has been working in early childhood education for four years.  She joined AMS last year, and is untiring in her enthusiasm.