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What Parents Say

What Parents Say

“AMS is all that a Montessori should be- but with a little magic sprinkled over it.  Our two children have left AMS with the most wonderful memories and such a great experience of Montessori school”.

Aine Lally

“Aughrim Montessori is an excellent haven for young children to learn how to play and engage with a natural environment that inspires the imagination and intellect. Both of my girls were encouraged to explore their unique abilities which taught them self-sufficiency, kindness and boosted their self- confidence. More could not be expected of any school”.

M. Wilkinson

Siobhan encourages individuality as well as nurturing compassion, empathy and understanding in kids. Both out children have benefited from attending AMS. It’s a wonderful environment where they are free to express themselves, explore the world around them and is a strong foundation which supports their future growth”.

Andrea Rawat

” I was speaking to my son Mark this morning and asked him how he knew to solve the math problem-  he immediately answered ‘I just now how to do it in my head’  and I repeated my question but how do you  know?. With confidence he said, Miss Siobhan showed me how, that’s how I know”. My child is in second class  and he still telling me things about his time in Aughrim Montessori”.

Majella O’Shea

” I cannot speak highly enough about Aughrim Montessori, everyday both my children loved each moment!  Their confidence in themselves nurtured in that special Montessori style radiates through them in problem solving skills and ability to communicate and make friends; a perfect foundation for life!!  I will be forever grateful to Siobhan Shields and all the staff at Aughrim Montessori” .

Louise Burke

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