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Montessori Ed Uniqueness

What is the Montessori Approach?

In our school children engage in learning through activities that are fun, purposeful and confidence building.  The goal is to help them become independent, whilst at the same time to develop into caring members of a group – their school and their family.

Montessori approach offers a broad vision of education as an ‘aid to life’. It draws its principles from, and it guided by, the natural development of the child. The Montessori environment…’Children’s House’ is the practical application of that understanding.

All children learn through observation, movement and exploration. So in a Montessori school the activities, materials and even the schedule of the day promote these things. The Montessori environment is a place that is prepared and made ready in such a way as to encourage spontaneous opportunities for learning.  It seeks to draw out the very best of us it encourages the potential of every child to be reached. Purposeful and challenging activities support the child to grow in independence, confidence and self-esteem. Learning is positive and interesting; a life long love of learning is fostered from this foundation. This learning extends to the total development of the child – social, emotional and intellectual.

Montessori teachers help children develop the ability for positive self-direction, to seek out interesting things to learn and do. We want them to say, “look what I can do!”  And then  later, “look what I can do now!”

The trained adult supports the child’s natural development through careful observation of their chosen activities and progress. We guide, accompany and support the child- socially, emotionally and intellectually.  A child’s sense of self and their social interactions are as important as their intellectual growth. Simply -When a child begins to walk, you don’t insist that they stay on all-fours to crawl.  Rather, you make your home safe to explore; you hold hands; you encourage.  The adult and child rejoice in the newly found independence.

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