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Montessori Curriculum

The classroom at AMS is a happy, secure environment where children participate in a wide range of activities that cover all aspects of development – intellectual, physical and social.  It is a mixed age group catering for children between the ages of 2½ and 6 years old, which supports and encourages social development.  It is a small community of children who learn independence as well as respect and consideration for each other and their environment.



Practical Life activities help support the child’s independence, confidence and concentration skills.

Physical co-ordination, (gross and fine motor skills) are also developed and the child learns to focus on self-chosen activities that engage his/her whole attention, which develops concentration. Engaging with Practical Life the child begins to experience cycles of activity that begin with child choosing an activity and are only complete when the activity is replaced back on the shelf ready for the next child. Respect for oneself as well as others and the environment is fostered and the child’s confidence is nurtured.

The sensorial materials are specially designed to stimulate and exercise the visual sense as well as touch, sound, taste and smell. 

The materials reflect qualities of the world around us, colour, size, shape, texture and sound that help the child’s powers of observation, communication and exploration.  The sensorial materials also lay the foundation for further work in mathematics, language, art and science.

The Montessori mathematical materials are attractive concrete materials that enable even the very young child to achieve, through their own efforts, a natural appreciation of mathematical concepts.

Games and activities using these materials help the child form a very clear and precise understanding of numbers, quantities and mathematical operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Clear impressions of the concrete mathematical material lead the child to greater ability, confidence and enthusiasm when s/he reaches more abstract mathematical problems.

The language curriculum in the Children’s House supports development of vocabulary, comprehension, pre-reading skills as well as reading and writing skills.

Reading stories, telling stories and creating stories together are daily experiences that support language development.  Other language activities such as drama, role play and news time are further exercises incorporated into the language experiences.

The Montessori cultural curriculum stimulates interest and supports the child’s understanding and knowledge of the world.

The world itself is presented to the child, through music, crafts, art, time comprehension, geography, zoology, botany and science materials. All are available for exploration to broaden understanding and encourage appreciation for our own cultural and other cultures around the world.

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